A message from Green Left Weekly

This week the 700th issue of Green Left Weekly hit the streets. Sixteen years have passed since the GLW's first edition, and in that time the paper has established itself as the main alternative and radical news & views resource in Australia.

This is a massive achievement. During that time the paper has become a major asset and resource for all movements for social change.

But Green Left Weekly could not have made it to 700 without our readers, subscribers, writers, sellers and all those who've contributed their time, money and energy.

It's people like you who keep the project going...
"I am a passionate supporter of Green Left Weekly because of its principles and because there is quite simply no other newspaper in Australia that so comprehensively reports and analyses the critical issues that touch all our lives. Warm congratulations on reaching 700!"
- John Pilger: Writer and film-maker
In case you haven't noticed, we need an asset like Green Left Weekly more than ever. When we are offered sham "debates" about nuclear power or are told to swallow excuses for the continuing invasion of Iraq it is Green Left Weekly that challenges all the rot and cant that passes as news in this society.

And we do it week in and week out...

You cannot afford to miss a copy!

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"As an activist working within the Murri community, I know that I can rely on the Green Left Weekly to inform me of just what is truly happening out there in the real world. Our ranks would be greatly expanded if more people would only stop and buy a copy of this newspaper. The masses need to reject the fabricated lies and deliberate distortions of the Murdoch and Packer press empires and enter our struggle, through the pages of the Green Left Weekly."
--Sam Watson:Indigenous activist and Socialist Alliance member