My next session with Ubuntu

I was keen to hook up my Ubuntu driven computer to the web so I pulled the plug on the other computers which are networked together and denied them a window to the webby world. We unplugged the cable from the broadband modem and inserted it in this computer....and web accessed was immediate! I didn't have to do a darn thing!

Is that the hangover from the Windows or is it Ubuntu's doing?

So I do all the main domestic chores I need to make myself at home:
  • download the latest version of Firefox + install my preferred add ons and extensions
  • download the programs I need for everyday, especially the audio editor -- Audacity
  • check out any other Linux programs that come with the territory
So it's a case of getting settled in the comfort to which I am accustomed by working out my wants and preferences in a new home.

Tomorrow I pick up --what seemed to be a good book on Ubuntu by by Siobhan Loftus, (Quartet Books, 2002) and study up on the generous ebook -- The Ubuntu Linux Bible

At some stage I need to work out how to upgrade this version of Ubuntu --6.06 to later releases (I think there has been at least one and likley another soon).

Voila! What you do is go to Ubuntu/Admin and click on Update .. and now 127 packages are being automatically downloaded to bring me and my Ubuntu up to stream.