My Ubuntu journey has begun

I hadn't heard the term "Ubuntu" until maybe 3 months ago. I had no idea what it was when I did. Then when I thought I'd explore Linux the penny dropped. But the more you read -- see this example -- the stronger the argument to make the switch stacks up.

I'm working towards a dual boot system for an old computer. This will enable me to run both Windows and Ubuntu on the same machine. My journey so far has been frustrating as I'm having trouble with the installation -- and that, friends and neighbours, is the massive first hurdle with Ubuntu/Linux.

I'm going to install the Ubuntu 'alternate-i386' because of this. But the setback has forced me to do my homework especially to wallow in these two sites:
and this forum:
You can also download and use as a trial of Ubuntu the "live" CD which means you can run Ubuntu from the CD in your drive, I may still do that or at least secure of copy for experimental use.

I'm away on the Linux journey and if I crash I'll let you know.