NSW: There is an alternative

Morris Iemma's State Plan is a forgery of a “plan” - it says nearly nothing about the size of the problems it’s supposed to fix. For instance, it neglects to mention that 800,000 people in NSW live in poverty, let alone detail a program to wipe poverty out.

"A real anti-poverty plan for NSW would: boost quality public housing to eliminate the 70,000 waiting list; expand health-care funding and community-based health services; immediately invest the $1.5 billion needed to start bringing public education up to scratch; all the while creating socially and environmentally useful jobs on full pay. It would boost collaboration with Aboriginal communities, applying affirmative action in jobs, services and education, and provide adequate funding for Aboriginal initiatives in employment, health services and housing.

"Such a plan is feasible but way beyond Iemma because it would require a radical change in priorities and would need to be paid for by the big end of town."

Pip Hinman, 47, is a Newtown resident, mother of one, and an activist in Stop the War Coalition. Click on image to enlarge. Ring 02-9690 1977 for copies of poster if you can display.