Podcast & video players I've loved and loathed

In regard to my media tools I can be pretty eclectic. I simply hated iTunes and resent its continuing popularity and market share. Its' like importing an emporium to your desktop. So in my search for a better listening interface I used FireAnt for some time. Although a video aggregator it worked great with podcasts and blogs (yes text!). But while I waited for FireAnt to tool up I got a bit sick of its instability and occasionally freezes. So I'm back using Juice. Still the best way to grab, handle and subscribe to podcasts.

But I have been watching more video on the web and after utilizing Blinkx as my preferred video search engine I have just downloaded Democracy Player to see what is on offer there.

As I am writing this I am listening to a podcast on the Democracy Player -- I'm listening to an audio only podcast. Great sound but the video(when you watch video) is excellent and what they say about iTunes versus DM may be all true. I'm negotiating a sharp learning curve in regard to video so I cannot pontificate on the where-for here. But there's enough happening with Democracy Player on site to keep you interested.DM also offers torrent download too which is a handy add on...but then it can play almost anything you throw at it -- video or audio mode. So that's gotta be good , right?

But the best thing I have found about DM is that when you want to delete a file from your playing list and click DELETE you get a choice to take it off the list or go all the way and delete it from the system -- Recycle Bin bound. That's great!

I've never had player that does that! But DM doesn't dodge the core questions:

QUESTION 1: Will internet video viewing be primarily web-page based or will it be primarily RSS based?

QUESTION 2: Will internet video be centralized in huge services like YouTube or Google Video, or will it be more broadly distributed (like blogs and web pages are), with huge (youtube), big (blip), medium (rocketboom), and small (average video bloggers on their own site) players? [Read the whole essay>>]

Thems the conundrums are they not? I'm in more broadly distributed mode by preference...but then I'm pragmatic too.