Saving Water

I am not promoting this as a way you have to go because I say so, but I have been experimenting with saving water here at home.

I've done a few things.
  • Because garden watering is now restricted here to hand watering with buckets I created a preferred garden -- herbs mainly plus a few tomato plants, in pots close to the kitchen and in the best on offer full sun for most of the year.I also put in a fish pond with Pacific Blue -eyes amongst all this
  • I now keep a big pot in the kitchen into which I empty any water that I can recycle. Say if I rinse pasta or boil vegetables without salt I throw that water into the pot. Into it goes the dog's water bowl change. Now and then I pour this onto the pots outside. I accumulate an average of about 4-8 litres per day by this method.
  • Into the toilet cistern I placed a couple of pavers to take up space and reduce the cistern's water volume.
Water tanks?

The problem with getting domestic water tanks is that it is so costly, not only to purchase the tank but also to harness the water for purposes other than on the garden. I love the idea of using tank water to brew tea in(the best water by far for tea taste) but to plumb it up to the toilet or washing machine is a major job that will cost big money and really the volumes involved aren't that significant unless you have a really BIG tank.

And while it is all very good to talk about using grey water on the garden-- whats' the point? -- unless you have this large thirsty garden and are into the whole Peter Cundall thing. I spent a lot of time holidaying on my relatives' dairy farms while growing up in the fifties and my relies 'recycled' grey water -- and it stunk and in was cesspool and I fell in it. And they had acres to soak up the muck.

As of today I now have three small 'fish n' frog' ponds in my garden. I hope to stock them all with Pacific Blue eyes. Ironically ponds or pools shaded or covered correctly don't lose much water despite their openness to the environment. And you know, this whole water an garden thing forgets that the moisture starved Mediterranean garden is primarily a pot located one. Trees of course are standalone-- like the wonderful Mulberry and the Olive tree -- but your other stuff grows in terracotta pots because that's the best way to use water to grow things. (You may as well treat a grape vine as a tree as it is so hardy and can grow up and over anything.)

So forget a lot of this rain forest paradigm and the lawn paradigm and the garden beds paradigm and the cottage garden paradigm.. in fact, forget about this thing called a "garden". Grow what grows well without your tendering to it and grow what grows well if you water and feed it -- but keep the two projects separate. Its' not about "look" and being Better Homes and Garden proud.
  • Natives grow well. So grow them and you won't have to do any of that Don Burke thing.
  • I used to keep bantams. Love em. May get some more. Free range bantams are fun and they lay eggs. Don't get ducks. Bad move to keep ducks.
  • I used to breed rabbits for the table. I don't recommend it*.Stick to bantams....
  • And besides in our domestic space wi have this plunge pool -- which is a aquaculture 'tank'. I need it for exercise purposes but shaded it takes very little water to sustain its volume. Maybe we can use that as our water tank...We have so thought.
* Therin hangs a story...