Socialist Alliance proud to support Mamdouh Habib campaign in Auburn

Photo by Tony Sernack as it appears in The New York Times: Mamdouh Habib with his wife, Maha, in Auburn, Australia, a multiracial town in New South Wales where he seeks a state parliament seat.

The Socialist Alliance welcomed the Mamdouh Habib’s candidacy in the seat of Auburn in the NSW state elections from the time it was first announced.

Mamdouh Habib was illegally detained at the notorious US concentration camp in Guantanamo and was previously sent to Egypt by US secret police in order to be tortured.

His campaign was recently highligted internationally in a report run in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune and De Spiegel.

In the face of virulent condemnation from both Labor and Liberal parties and an accompanying media hysteria, the Socialist Alliance unconditionally defended Mamdouh Habib’s right to stand in these elections.

We condemned the Labor and Liberal politicians for their Muslim-bashing campaign.

“The platform that Mamdouh Habib is taking to these elections includes support for civil liberties, opposition to racism and support for public services like education, health and public transport,” Susan Price, a Socialist Alliance spokesperson and Legislative Council candidate explained.

“Mamdouh Habib is not a member of the Socialist Alliance but we are proud to support the progressive measures included in his election platform and we will call for a vote for Habib in Auburn,” said Price.

“The Socialist Alliance believes it is a matter of priority to build a progressive political alternative to the ALP and we regularly support candidates who run on a social justice or pro-environment platform,” said Price.

“The Socialist Alliance has a proud record of supporting Habib’s democratic rights – rights that have been trampled on by the NSW and federal governments,” said Price.

“We campaigned for his release from Guantanamo Bay, just as we campaign today to bring David Hicks home. Since Habib’s release, we’ve continued to campaign against the recurring violations of his rights by NSW police,” said Price.

Mamdouh Habib’s election campaign manager is Raul Bassi (pictured on thr left) who is an endorsed Socialist Alliance candidate for the NSW upper house at the coming election.

“I am supporting Mamdouh Habib’s campaign because I see this campaign as a contribution to building a democratic movement against war, racism and injustice,” said Bassi.

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