Staying hot! Salsas,sambals and chimichurri

I had been discussing my quest to partake of Senor Chilli. My attack is currently formulated around three prongs of fire:
  1. Harissa -- Tunisian chilli sauce.
  2. Sambal Oelek -- one of several hot sauces available on any Indonesian or Malayan table
  3. Chimichurri -- the often firey herbal mix created in Argentina
  4. That leaves a huge gap for the massive salsa range available through Central America and into the US. I'm open to suggestions. But any salsa in this geo culinary sense has to be made up primarily of fresh tomatoes.... So whats' the best salsa recipe?
I've catered for up to a hundred people by building the eats around a medley of salsas. That's because you can becoeem very exotic when you start mixing and matching salsas. But if you want it pure and simple....?