Ubuntu : I'm linux bound

I finally got Ubuntu installed. I had downloaded Ubuntu three or four times from the generic site and burnt 6 CDs of the resulting stuff but each time my computer said the CDs were corrupt and aborted the installation.

So I sent away for the free CD and today I got my own version of Linux for human beings: Ubuntu -- did I say it was free!Postage, CD & handling: free. And it was so easy to install! So my old computer sitting here to my right is now Ubuntu driven. I didn't have a pay out a brass razoo.(Did I tell you it was free?)

So I thought I'd share my first impressions:

The first offer is a video interview with Nelson Mandela about the concept and ideology of ubuntu. This of course means that video is up and running from the word go and after taking in an audio sample -- so too is video already just right.

You just click on stuff -- programs -- and they automatically install -- like the extensions do on FireFox. So I got Gimp, Totem movie player, some layout programs, Open Office...etc. Nice package of tools.

What I received in the post was the live CD which means that I can just insert it into any computer and run Ubuntu anywhere I choose to by booting from the CD. All I need do is carry around my everyday files in a USB stick and hook them up to start work. Cool.

The installation gives me the option of proceeding to fully install the system. So I click on FORWARD. This is the fist confusing part of the enterprise: partitioning. This is where Linux speak is confusing -- but essentially you arrange for Ubuntu to grab its share of the computer's hard drive so you let it do it or you, if you are truly brave, manually configure the ration.

But now the process is very slow...maybe it is stalled at 15%? So I wait as Ubuntu is "detecting file systems...".

OOps. It looks like I gitta go fix this some how... Start again.

Herein I come up against Linux speak and need to retrace my steps. So cheerio for now as I once again try to install Ubuntu. It works fine in "live" mode but when I try to instal it proper lyso it takes over the computer I'm running into issues. Dem' damn "partitions" ag'in...

[To be continuied....]
I did it! I did it! I got Ubuntu-ed on the fourth try! And one hour later. Linux--up up and AWAY! If I want more applications I can get them from the web --just like you can with the FireFox extensions-- a real emporium of program add ons. Ubuntu/Linux is serious about options and ones I don 't like are easily given the flick. Try that with Windows!. So I guess I gotta hook this here other computer up to the web and see what I can make of it all by relearning the digital galaxy by hitchhiking my way through it the Linux way. For free... Never pay good money to Bill Gates again!