Wallnote to be replaced by Nutshell

Alex Griffioen's indispensable WallNote was a gem. But it has now been superceded by Nutshell. I cannot live without my WallNote Nutshell. So I've done what Alex has told me to do. He maketh the best way to keep up to do lists, does Alex. So give NutShell a try. It's all you'll need.

Wallnote's time has come. When I heard Microsoft stopped supporting Active Desktop, I designed a better way to keep you organized. Say hi to Nutshell.

*Will I have to move my stuff?
If you intend on keeping your current notes and tasks; yes. I recommend you use the "send notes/tasks" feature to backup your stuff by email, and start your ├╝ber-productive future at Nutshell.

*No more tasks on my desktop?
That's right. But setting Nutshell as your home page makes an excellent alternative. Whether it's your desktop or home page, it's just one click away.

*Why again?
As of Windows Vista, Microsoft has dropped their Active Desktop technology in favor of Sidebar Channels. Since Wallnote was designed for this now deprecated technology, I decided to rebuild the service and optimize it for browser use instead. The result is Nutshell, a brand new product to keep you organized.

*Anything new?
Besides incorporating some appreciated feature requests (like RSS), I've added a web search feature that will bring a big smile to your face. Go check it out; it's the best thing since Google.

*Why should I move?
Improved reliability and user experience. Nutshell was developed in language I feel more comfortable with. This benefits you, because it motivates me to improve and expand the service better and faster. Application errors are so 2006.

Thank you for having used Wallnote. I truly hope it's been of great help to you.
Any questions I'd be happy to answer at alex@gonutshell.com.

Thanks again!

Alex Griffioen