Zero emissions

Convenor of the Greenleap Strategic Institute, Philip Sutton, has released his presentation on why we must go to zero emissions and beyond across all sectors.

Mr Sutton's presentation runs through the reasons why the current goals adopted by governments and by the environment movement will lead us directly into a climate disaster of epic proportions and why we must immediately move to a zero emission minus goal.

Philip is a long-time environmental activist and campaigner, he currently runs the Greenleap Strategic Institute and is president of the Sustainable Living Foundation.

The Greenleap Strategic Institute is part of the Zero Emission Network which together support achieving meaningful goals on climate change.

PDF version click here 680KB

Open Office* version click here 900 KB

Microsoft Power Point version click here 1.82 MB

* Open Office is a free office suite of programs that run on a variety of platforms including Linux, Mac and Windows. It is the preferred format of Beyond Zero Emissions

Listen to Philip live (7MB mp3 podcast) on the 25th November 2006 at a scientific meeting of environment groups, giving (an earlier version of) his presentation and asking them to justify their targets.

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