The Bike Show --audio for the feet

Typing while listening to one of my preferred podcasts -- Jack Thurston's excellent Bike Show from London Resonance FM in which there is a discussion focusing on Ken Livingstone's plan to make London the greenest city on the planet

(What? Greener than Havana? I don't think so!)

You don't have to be a two wheel fanatic to listen to this show. But if you are partial to the bicycle the Bike Show will open you up to the fantastic options out there to explore your charger's potential to travel, socialize, get culture and commute...and do a wee bit in regard to carbon emissions.

I say that , and my two wheeler is a push scooter.

Why is my two wheeler a scooter ?- Because I suffer from stiff body issues and most of my journeys are short legs -- to the railway station and out and about at the other end; CBD journies; city to Fortitude Valley; city to West End; Northgate to Toombul... and a lot of that on footpaths and on and off depending on the context topographical and communal (aka as 'traffic').

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