A few rough reds now on line

"A few rough reds" (RR1) has now gone into hyperspace. Thanks to long hours by the amazing Mark Gregory the book is now up there as readable pages and as downloadable PDF's at http://roughreds.com The print run for Rough Reds 1 sold out 12 months ago but these stories will now find a new and global readership. Already used in activist training, the stories are now much more accessible as case studies for use in education and activism.
Thanks to Phil Griffiths for making the files of the book available and
clearing potential copyright issues with the Labour History Group in
Canberra. Chris Elenor

rough reds rank and file organising

Contents (complete rough reds booklet pdf)

Preface: Phil Griffiths
Convenor: the Seventh National Labour History Conference,
held in Canberra, April 2001

Bob Boughton (download pdf)
Introducing the 'rough reds': Invisible, international and intergenerational

Brian Manning (download pdf)
Charlie India Echo Tango calling Timor Leste

Chris Elenor (download pdf)
Calling Fretilin

Kevin Cook (download pdf)
From building sites to Aboriginal education

Hal Alexander (download pdf)
Red belt days

Murray Norris (download pdf)
Rebuilding the North Australian Workers Union, 1942-1951

Beverley Symons (download pdf)
Red councillors during the Cold War: Communists on the
Sydney City Council, 1953-59

Ben Bartlett (download pdf)
Origins of the Workers Health Centre

Drew Cottle (download pdf)
Forgotten foreign militants: The Chinese Seamen’s Union in Australia, 1942 - 1946

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