Free David Hicks: National Day of Protest


Melbourne: They've silenced David Hicks -- but they can't silence Terry!
Hear Terry Hicks speak on how the government forced his son to plead guilty and why Guantanamo must be closed.
1pm State Library, Melbourne
Speakers include Terry Hicks and Bob Brown.
No gag orders. No secret deals. Free David now!
info: 0407856628 Endorsed by Civil Rights Defence, Liberty Victoria, Victorian Trades Hall.

Sydney: No Prison Term. Close Guantanamo. Free David now!
12 noon Sydney Town Hall
Speakers: Senator Kerry Nettle, Dr. Tim Anderson, Mamdouh Habib, & Philip Bolton.
info: 0401 758 871 Endorsed by Stop the War Coalition, Bring David Home campaign, & Justice for Hicks & Habib.

Adelaide: Justice for David - Free David now! 11 a.m, Victoria Square Speakers: Kris Hanna, Mark Parnell, Claire O' Connor

Brisbane: Free David Now!
11 a.m, Queens Park, (corner George & Elizabeth Sts). Contact 0424 265 730

National Day of Protest for David Hicks
Canberra Saturday 21st April, 10 am.

Meet between Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and Regatta point and march to Parliament House at 11 am.

David Hicks may have been gagged but we have not. He may have been tortured into 'confession' but we remember the abuse of process which preceded his plea. He may have been kidnapped but we are not going to be incarcerated by the Howard spin doctors.

David Hicks is not the only victim of the 'War on Terror'.

This war has fundamentally compromised our basic rights and liberties. We no longer live in a 'democracy' free from arbitrary detention. We no longer insist that prisoners should not be tortured. We are willing to see our fellow citizens kidnapped. The truth is that the 'law' David broke was only created years after he was locked up. He cannot be tried in Australia because he has not broken any Australian law. How far will they go - and what will not be justified in - the name of 'National Security'?

The Howard Government has done a deal for the election year. They are trying to cover up 5 years of shameful inaction over the abuse of an Australian citizen. Don't let Howard off the hook. Join us as we tell the government that WE ARE STILL NOT HAPPY JOHN.

No gag orders. No secret deals. Close Guantanamo Bay. Free David now!

Organised by the Concerned Canberra Citizens Political Organisation.
contact Libby 0429 496 208 Judith 0418 628 811

Perth: Contact 0407 070 841
Darwin: Contact 0419 807 175

Terrorism is the war of the poor. War is the terrorism of the rich - Leon Uris
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell

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