Further on the ALP conference

No debate. No nuthin'. Fait accompli.....

So where's this ALP left we hear so much about? Surely this is a watershed in the annals of Australian labour history? When the whole trade union movement to a man and woman rolled over for the ALP for the sake of electing the most right wing ALP government on class struggle record.

If pragmatism is supposedly involved I don't know where the trade off came in. What was Rudd planning to do: keep all of Work Choices and move it up a notch? Out Howard Howard? And the unions pulled him back from doing the full morph?

Your rights at work. Worth what?

What a joke! A joke left. A slavish left. A cowardly left. A left that's not left. Not one among all those delegates had an ounce of guts to even say that they vote yes with reservations.

Even the so called uranium debate was about supporting three mines -- that's 1, 2, 3 mines -- instead of three plus "x" number of mines. And the friggin peaks of the environment movement went along with that formulation. Three mines, you see are better than four ..and four is better than five, etcetera....

So what does Howard do? Of course he launches his nuclear policy on the back of that vote...and he does it today so that vote and his push are in sync.

Let's see these bureaucrats in the ACTU sell this dirty deal to the ranks. And note, folks, that although I know how consistent the Socialist Alliance has been in opposing Work Choices and the no sweat style ACTU campaign against it. I also know how isolated we are in the trade union movement ... so you have to look at this situation with a degree of horror but surety nonetheless to the effect that the middle ground has just collapsed. Maybe not self evidently so, but in effect. You are either FOR Labor unconditionally on these grounds or you aren't.

It is a sharply defined situation is it not? Howard > Rudd Laborism > ..and this something else which is at least articulated by the Socialist Alliance.

I guess the next few years should be interesting. We either spiral down into an ideological end of class this and class that; or hold the line some how as we begin the process of rebuilding some gumption and militancy and backbone.

It's a big ask.