I don't speak very good Ubuntu but I'd like to

My Ubuntu journey continues. Ubuntu, for those who came in late, is a Linux distribution which is packaged as "Linux for human beings" (as distinct from geeks and maybe monkeys). And I, David John Patrick Riley, handed part of my life over to Ubuntu on March 28th, 2007 -- 23 days ago.

And it has been quite a journey, Ubuntu & I.

Great to use but not so easy to administer as it can be so busy with all the updating and the like. My handicap was that I wanted to employ Ubuntu as my audio editing desktop and because of this and that, editing and saving to Mp3 format isn't so easy to configure and I've been tearing my few hairs out.

Would I recommend Ubuntu to you? Definitely. Great desktop environment. But if you want to play around with media editing, you'll have to come back and ask me again after I ever managed to install & customize what I want to install & customize in way of widgets.

I don't speak Ubuntu very well at all and Ubuntu-speak is way way too confusing for me and I have so much trouble fathoming the DIY no matter how much I ask the questions.

That said: last week I upgraded from Unbuntu Dapper to Ubuntu Edgy. Unbuntu has all these release nick names that, like cyclones, are named in alphabetical order.

So as I write this I am downloading and installing the latest Ubuntu release, Feisty Fawn. This doesn't mean that you do total upgrades each week. It means that I initially installed from a free CD (that was posted to me) of an old release; upgraded that to be in sync with contemporary releases; and then tonight with the release of Feisty only yesterday, I am now waiting patiently as 1227 files are downloaded and installed on my computer.

Ubuntru upgrades for free every six months. How cool is that?

That's right. I wait. With Ubuntu some things are so easy that you wonder if there's a catch because they do these things so effortlessly.. And that is because some things are so hard.

My hope is that with Feisty I can access the promises being made for the Ubuntu Studio which was also supposed to be released this month:
Ubuntu Studio aims to be a multimedia editing/creation flavor of Ubuntu for the Linux audio, video, and graphic enthusiast or professional who is already familiar with the Ubuntu-Gnome environment.
My hope is that Feisty will be my launch pad into the UbuntuStudio which -- touch wood and keyboard -- will resolve my audio editing angst & issues.

But I gotta tell you this: go to the Ubuntu pages then journey to the CD page,
and fill in an email request for the free CD of Feisty Fawn..

That's no skin off your nose at all. Easy peasey.

When it arrives a week plus later -- boot up your computer with it --without installing it --and see what you think. If you like it then install it. You can nonetheless boot with it anytine you like. I think it's the best deal on the planet.

So rather than fork out for expensive Windows releases, here's your best option.

What price do you pay in way of convenience? That depends.You get word processing, spread sheet, pdf and powerpoint like platforms in the Open Office suite. The releases throw all these audio and video players at you; a few email platforms to choose from; at least three types of browsers, including Firefox; some quite powerful graphic programs; and the most extensive range of add ons of your choice you could imagine -- there are thousands of those.

But, you pay a price with Mp3 and any playing and editing of Mp3 requires auxiliary installation because of patents. And that can be complex. I have to wait to see if Feisty makes Mp3 capability easier to access...for dullards like me.

And, of course, if you are a gamer -- I don't think there's much to hold your interest in Ubuntu. But who knows: there's so many more letters in the aqlphabet.

So what you'd pay hundreds of dollars for with Windows --assuming you don't use pirated copies -- you get that and so much more from Ubuntu.

Then consider that as the Linux community grows and is so fanatically open sourced -- the future is bigger and brighter than the now. So it can only get better, as there are so many people working in this stuff -- hobbyists, pros, dabblers, geniuses, etc that there's no knowing what could be coming down the pipeline. It's "open" you see -- and that means any bright idea or tweak is possible and when it's there , it's free to use and enjoy.

Get your head around that.