I'll read that again: "Labor IR policy passes unchallenged...."

LABOR'S new industrial relations policy has been unanimously endorsed without debate by the ALP national conference in Sydney.

The new policy, which bans strike action without a secret ballot of workers and reinstates unfair dismissal protection for some workers, had been touted as a test of Kevin Rudd's leadership.

But union officials agreed not to attempt to amend the policy after several hours of discussion on the edges of the conference.....

190 to 200+ over uranium mining and (all of!)90 minutes of debate....and after this sinecure to democracy(ALP style), the IR changes are passed unanimously. That means: with total agreement, unchallenged, without amendment or debate,to a man and woman, absolutely supported, without criticism,unconditionally,unchallenged....

In April 2007 all union delegates to the ALP federal conference voted unanimously to support the ALP's new IR policy -- a "lite" version of John Howard's Work Choices.

No debate. No nuthin'. Fait accompli: Labor IR policy passes unchallenged.
So I hast to wonder how significant is this? Here on in, what does this cowardly compliance and complicity amount to?

Sell out or realpolitick?

As sand through an hour glass, only time will tell.