In praise of Catherine Tate

If you do a search on YouTube or do the same on Blinx you'll be able to access more of The Catherine Tate Show in streaming video.

If you partake of the variable quality of the new season of 'The Chaser on Channel 2 Wednesday's, make sure you remain seated for The Catherine Tate Show afterwards.

Tate blows me off the couch because she is such an extraordinary actor employing a form of acting that is not indulgent or fetishized, but open and artisan where the skill is in every little observation. It needs to be watched to be enjoyed and cherished as so much outside of mostly anything else you are offered anywhere else anytime.

This show is really special. From the occasional Pinteresque dialogue (with 'Lauren')to the sharp satire on this and that, Tate capacity to enthrall is way way above most things on offer besides, I guess, Alan Bennett's Talking Heads -- a very different acting presentation -- which is very monologuish, more in the style of Barry Humphreys.

If you like, this is acting -- albeit comic acting -- in and for the real world rather than being held hostage to a shared angst and indulgent psyche.

Watch The Catherine Tate Show and consider what I am trying to say. Then note how much everything else you'll watch is about individualising your personal experience and making the character an exercise in the very very subjective First Person by manipulating your engagement.

Tate is outside that completely. It's about context.

I tell you the woman is scary because she is so good.