LeftCast returns to a desktop near you.

After a hiatus of almost three months, LeftCast podcast will be returning to the web and some airwaves soon. I think we'll have to take a sabbatical every Summer.

First off in the new season -- how's that? I can talk about "seasons" now like a producer -- is an interview with Adrien Whitehead from Beyond Zero Emissions. This is a syndication of an interview done by 'audio associates' on Hobart community radio.

This interview is 'in the can' and only requires some prettifying.

Then, if I can get the widgets working, I will be sitting down with Derek Wall by telephone. Derek is a spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales. All things being equal, we'll talk about green politics, the planet and ecosocialism.

Then we're away with odds and sods of this and that but initially working through an environment and carbon emissions theme.

So that's LeftCast. coming soon to a desktop near you.

[I will, of course, also publish the audio here on Life of Riley.]