Podcasting can now begin on Ubuntu.

Somewhere near 2am this morning I managed to get Audacity audio editor to work on my Ubuntu desktop. So my latest delay to recording new podcasts is now over come and behind me.

I have been on a hiatus since January 26th when I produced a program on the Invasion Day events here in Brisbane; and since then it has mainly been the toll that summer takes of my health that has kept me from recording and editing. Then over these past three weeks I was hoping to rejig my audio activism by employing my Ubuntu/Linux operating system to run my 'home studio'. But I've been handicapped by install issues which at 2am this morn I resolved.

Now I can get to work on an interview done by Hobart SAers earlier this year as the first episode in a new season of LeftCasts.

I do, you see, have plans.

For now I can proudly say I'm on Ubuntu for good and have got my desktop working just fine while I wait for the release later this month of the UbuntuStudio which will be an all in one multimedia package -- with, I guess, a lot of promise.