Steve Earle's show well worth a listen

Audio:I don't listen to much music via podcasts. But one show I never miss is The Steve Earl Show . Steve Earl(bio)may be a egotist at times, but when he gets talking and playing music with his guests thsi half hour takes off as a rich musical journey taking me , at least, to places, and songs, I've never been to before .

Steve Earle

Steve Earle sits down with Kim and Reggie Harris, as they play live from their ' Get On Board! With The Underground Railroad and Civil Rights Freedom Songs' from Appleseed Recordings and now in record stores. This latest project of “folkography” tells part of the musical story of what slaves sang to themselves and each other as they plotted their way to freedom, as it was often at this time of year that they decided to escape from southern plantations in the US and head out on the “Underground Railroad”, a network of safe places - homes and pathways - leading to non-slave states and Canada. The songs on this recording feature Kim and Reggie and duos with Danny Glover, Peter Yarrow, Guy Davis and many others. Playlist:

* Done Wit' Driver's Dribbin'
* Oh Mary, Don't you Weep
* Rise Up Shepherd and Follow/ Got Tell It on the Mountain
* Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
* Row de Boat
* Down By the Riverside (Steve Earle sings)

[This is a great coming together of passionate performers -- the best Earl show this year.]