Such sweet pain

I've been consciously trying to increase my chilli intake in order to see if I can harness some aspects of new research which suggests that chillis increase metabolism and facilitate more restful sleep. My preferred chilli form is a salsa type mix that I can add to my meals when I eat at table or even use as spread on bread. The rest of my family don't want to join me in my chilli experiment so I'm not allowed to cook with chillis.

I've come to love Chimichurri {recipe} which is a mix of chillis and my favourite herbs and the like: garlic, coriander, basil, oregano with a chopped up capsicum and a dash of cumin. But this time around when I made up my Chimichurri batch, I upped the chillis and used what I now realize is the hottest chilli: Habaneros[pictured above] I'm usually a Jalapeno man and Jalapenos register at 4-7 on the heat scale. Habaneros are at 10!

The sensation, as you'd expect, is quick, strong and very powerful. But the sweetness and nuances of flavour offered by these fruits is tantalizing so that you masochistically get to enjoy the pain in your mouth. And it is real pain -- a pain whose like I don't think I have previously experienced.It is like a firecracker going off in your mouth, but in slow motion as the shock waves of various flavours roll over the palette. They won't go away in a hurry either(despite how much first aide milk or yoghurt you guzzle].

This potential makes Habaneros particularly dangerous to work with so that you cannot trust your hands after they have been engaged in 'hands on' chilli preparation. I understand that having your face over a bowl of chillis while thay are being motared or blended can burn your face from the fumes alone.(Excuse me if I choose not to test that hypothesis.)

So if you want to partake of my thrilling life style, you can step out of your humdrum existence by eating your surfeit of Habaneros.