Ubuntu again: getting better at ubuntu-ing

I'm into my second week engaging with Ubuntu. Each focused session is fruitful so long as you do the leg work & find all the how to you want from the Ubuntu forums (mainly). So this customizing DIY isn't a straightforward exercise. you will get stuck if you aren't proficient at the terminal. Relax. there's always a work around or a way out. And you cannot do any, or at elast much, damage to the system.(I stuffed up but within a hour the Ubuntu community showed me how to fix it).

I use Google to search for what I want to know by importing some key words to go after the information I need. That's because the Ubuntu or Linux info is spread over so many forums , blogs, wikis and web pages. And, of course, with so many frequent updates and new applications, the information doesn't stand still.

This last session was taken up with me updating Firefox -- my preferred web browser -- to its latest release: Firefox It's a convoluted process but the directions are available and are straightforward if you follow them to the letter. The hesitancy is that you have to copy and paste script into Ubuntu's TERMINAL window. Thats' a black screen that flashes back at you demanding that it been fed with a menu of script it can digest.

A lot happens in that place as you go back and forth between it and the various one click installation directories.

If you like, having all this software available for free is a handicap as it is a massive catalogue to search through and experiment with.

My next Ubuntu task is to customize my audio options. You have to act as your own quartermaster you see, and a lot if tweaking is involved -- apparently because of copyright issues -- in engineering your preferred programs to play Mp3. En route you can learn what ogg vobis is and why it is an alternative format to that of Mp3... Yep it's all about open sourced software, you see...

So take a leaf out of my book:
  • Go to the Ubuntu web page
  • And send away for the free CD [New release just out -- but the 'shop is closed over Easter for a time.]
  • Install the "Live" CD as a dual boot on your computer with Windows.(Very easy to do).