Ubuntu again...

I installed Ubuntu two weeks ago and am negotiating the learning curve. I like it and would love it more if some of the software I use would work on it -- eg: from Sony : Sonic Stage.

What they don't tell you is how different the desktop is for Windows and how challenging it is to comprehend so many protocols such as packages,the "terminal" and the like.

It isn't a self evident system and I've yet to find an absolutely easy DIY to negotiating what you need to do when. This is the problem with open source -- there are so many stake holders all talking at once, it's difficult to sift through the traffic jams.

So there's a sharp learning curve if you aren't geeky and if you aren't best to get someone else to install and customize for you. But really given that the software is free -- why not? And once you are up and running, the support community is very considerate of your ignorance even though another language is often used.

And I find that the most difficult challenge: Ubuntu/Linux is another computer culture with its own language and pre-occupations such that I have no idea most of the time what people are talking about. That's relevant because while Ubuntu is supposed to be "Linux for human beings" -- it is still very demanding of your computer aptitude to install and set up. Running it as a USER is fine -- it's probably much better than WINDOWS in that regard -- but someone has to be the system Admin, and if that's you, you have to do your homework.