Ubuntu Session Number 3

After seeking assistance for a problem I generated within the system (lesson #1 -- read up before you do stuff) I finally mastered the complicated installation procedures for software on Ubuntu. What can I say? It's totally different from Windows. It's a major lateral shift more akin to the installation of extensions & add-ons with Firefox web browser. While it may be one click it isn't a self evident one click for those who are Windows blinkered. And there are so many options to choose from -- a massive emporium of free software to explore and utilize.

I have nonetheless come upon a major hiccup with my Ubuntu-ing -- I cannot install the latest version of Firefox web browser -- 2.0 -- so I have to make do with the bells and whistles offered for the earlier version of 1.5. This means I cannot harness a couple of my favourite add-ons and inclusions like automatic spell check... It apparently would require a major refit of Ubuntu to straight away catch up with this Firefox version that was only released recently.

So folks, since I'm writing this on Ubuntu, please note that I am now writing this post in a Ubuntu Text Edit program -- very similar to my preferred RoughDraft(which is not available for Linux/Ubuntu)and utilising the spell checker facility therein.
UPDATE [Tuesday 20070403]note: Fortunately the Ubuntu community located in a web forum near you has come to my rescue. I now have installed my preferred spell check -- Spellbound -- by using the DIY here.Spellbound functionality was incorporated into FireFox 2.0 but since my browser is a little behind I gotta make up by this circuitous route. So this added notation is being comp[osed inside the blog edit window on the web ...and all is right with the world!
I can't spell but I know that when a red line appears under a word, something may indeed be wrong with it.
I mentioned that I had a problem of my own causing before... As communities go on the web the Linux one is massive and I had people advising me on my mistake within a matter of hours. Out there --and there may be a few even in your own acquaintance, even unbeknown to you --- Linux has fostered into being a community of evangelists who are always ready to advance the envelope and help the newbie.

So I expect these aficionados will get a hold of me at some stage and conduct me into their company so that in time I will become, egads!, one of "them".
This is my mantra:
  • I am not a geek...
  • I am not a geek...
  • I am not a geek...
Ubuntu is cool.
But hey! I'm now suggesting to my son, who is computer focused -- albeit in gaming lifestyle way,that engineering a career around Linux isn't a bad way to proceed if one were interested in doing IT type stuff for fun and profit . I reason that if I'm on Linux then it must be the case (surely?) that the whole thing has reached take off level. With 30 million Linux uses on the planet and that sector is growing big time -- this isn't so much now a nerdy sub culture for IT ferals. The massive advances in Web 2.0 platforms has almost generated a level playing field for operating systems as they are but launch pads for all the stuff you can do on the web.And since I'm a Web 2.0 junkie -- an ignorant junkie at that -- I go where the impulse takes me and it may be that with the release of Vista -- Microsoft has reached a major watershed in its capacity to dominate the planet's computer networks. At some stage there has to be a consumer overload where upgrading is for its own sake rather than offering greater efficiencies of operation-- relative, of course, to the financial outlay-- something in the margin of $AUD750 for the package

I may now be a creature being hunted by Google but I'm not paying anything -- at least not yet -- for the experience.
The Ubuntu Bible --a ebook on the topic of its name is available here.....shhhhs