Ubuntu: windows can get stuffed!

After spending Easter a' playing with Ubuntu I'm getting better at the DIY --and it is very much a do-it-yourself thing. Some sharp learning curvature is involved.

I doubt that I understand a darn thing about the way it works primarily because the system is so laterally different from what I'm used to from Windows.

Not being geekish is a handicap. But as a hobby, Ubuntu-ing has a lot of charm and very few frustrations. After playing with it a few times I have trouble accepting how easy it is to grab and install any number of programs on my desktop. As for devices and hardware -- easy peasy plug in.

I am nonetheless annoyed that on the web my screen resolution
through the browser window isn't as sharp as it is on my XP. I wonder if I am missing something? Guess I'll go ask the Ubuntu community what gives. But aside from that --and a few issues with Audacity (at the moment which I will surely solve) I'm very happy with whats' on offer from Ubuntu for free.

Windows can get stuffed!

For those tantalized by the option, there's a good article & discussion thread about Ubuntu here;
and, of course, the Label for this thread logs my developing interest and aptitude.