Channel surfing at OurMedia.

The whole web video thing is exploding but it is so very hard to get a handle on it, say, if you wanted to harness it for specific -- let's say 'political' -- ends. With the massive dominance of YouTube why bother with other alternative platforms from which to share your videos?

Here's a very thoughtful post on the topic from the so often politically interesting Social Media blog about the new reboot at OurMedia. The discussion addresses the question of why OurMedia matters especially with its advanced channel facility.

I used to use OurMedia all the time to publish audio but the site began to so often to be unreliable. I'd like to go back, especally now that Odeo (my present publishing site) has been sold off and I';m concern about a possible shift in policy and process.

But check out the attributes offered by OurMedia channels:
1) YouTube restricts your video to 10 minutes. We have no limit.
2) You can't download video from YouTube (without great effort), it's all streaming. We support downloads.
3) We'll allow widgets, logos, branding and other customization features you can't get on YouTube or other sites.
4) YouTube is strictly video. We include podcasts, images and text uploads as well.
5) YouTube does not support Creative Commons licenses for sharing. We'll encourage use of Creative Commons licenses.
6) We'll supply original source material from CSPAN and video footage from political figures.
7) Remixing will be at the heart of what we do. We'll offer tools and learning materials to help people do this.
8) YouTube is propriety. We're open source.
9) This is not a walled-garden destination site. We want you to build channels and embed a player into your site or blog and have a conversation around it.
I find this cv very exciting. Don't you?

So I will be following suit and going back to OurMedia to create a RRN channel and I will monitor the whole exercise for your instruction.