Don't tell me; Rudd ready to backflip on AWAs! I told you not to tell me that!

ALP urged to keep construction watchdog
Rudd ready to backflip on AWAs - SMH cover story today

Here's a scenario: The ALP leadership considers that it is so far ahead in the polls and are set for an easy federal win that the leadership considers that they have enough political space to tweak their Work Choices Lite some more in the light of workshopping the industrial policy with the barons of industry.

Given that the ACTU has unconditionally endorsed the package and signed up the organised working class to the ALP as the only alternative on offer to Howard, Comrade Rudd thinks:

"What if...I used this serendipity to once and for all distance my party from the shackles of industrial labour? My god, that speech I gave at the Brisbane Labour Day really got to the real divide..And while I said fuck all, I said it with such style,(God I'm good!) that the proles lapped it up big time.

"On ya Ruddy!" they yelled.

"On ya Ruddy! I can still hear it. Even though I threw in a few big words like "modernity" just to scare em -- they were with me, with me all the way..No matter the occasional big word or two. No matter what. No matter what. Labor all the way.

"On ya Ruddy!

"So rather than drop the AWA thing later,I'm thinkin', maybe we can do it sooner? Go to the poll with an electoral package no one can say boo to because, well, thats' what they'll be forced to vote for anyway no matter the detail. Its' him or me remember. Him or me..."