A footnote on UbuntuStudio:

If you are a regular, you'd know that I had been talking up UbuntuStudio as something I wanted to get. Well I did -- and while I've noted the fact before I didn't explain my response.

The problem I had was that UbuntuStudio: is created for the pro music maker and producer. The graphic package isn't much beyond an Ubuntu standard but the video package may warrant a look at if you plan on some involved edits. If that was your occasional want, I'd get the CD and double boot as required and maybe save your work to another mobile hard drive or usb stick. Of course that's all you do at the computer then UbuntuStudio is for you.

But not me. So I passed on the matter.

You can build up your requirements by installing apps on Ubuntu as your needs kick in but for newbies it is confusing when each item may requires 'x' number of "dependencies -- files that you also have to download so your application/software will run. And among these 'dependencies' are a hierarchy so you need to access which hierarchy you may need to shop from.

But if you were into editing Audio, I'd follow these instructions and install the new beta release of Audacity.(You'll need this too)--and for a player and podcatcher , I likem the Amarok. If you are into graphics and the creation thereof check out GIMP and the like and any of the recent Ubuntu installs. The new Audacity is much better than the clunky standard and comes a bit up to the offerings from Adobe CoolEdit (whcih you pay for). You can of course install Audacity on Windoes.

But as I say: do it the Wubi way -- it's the easiest and hassle free way to exp[lore Ubuntu in a double boot situation.