LeftClick: new blogging project

Here's a site to bookmark: LeftClick

LeftClick is a brand new blogging project which claims the generic perspective that it is " a forum that seeks to address the question of what we can do now, today, to achieve a 21st Century Socialism, and who we need to do it with."

Fortunately, I've managed to sign up ten experienced political bloggers so far(more are likely to follow as negotiations continue) to the team that will be blogging from the LeftClick location in cyberspace. These people are local and off shore activists who, in my estimation at least, are blogging in the same groove.

Generally, this will be a lefty blog for lefties. Although you never know where such a project as this will go and how in will develop -- especially when it is less than a week since it came into existence.

But a niche exists , I believe, for an international forum such as this which utilizes the blogging platform with its ready tools for open discussion and comment threads.

LeftClick is also a development from the various blogging experiments I've been engaged with over the past two years.

This post is an announcement of LeftClicks existence and the launch, with a bit more pizazz, will be packaged as part of the UK based Carnival for Socialism series

So keep checking back.

Better still: you can subscribe to LeftClick -- via email or by syndication feed.