A mesage from (spit) Greg Combet

According to the latest Your Rights At Work email-out we must now line up behind the ALP, even if it's "not 100 percent perfect":

"Nearly 10,000 Rights at Work supporters took the time to write to Kevin Rudd and the Labor team asking for them to give us an alternative IR policy we can fight for".

They ask for feedback and I think they need some:send it loudly from here.

Here's the text of the email:

A clear choice: Labor's full IR policy announced

Dear Dave,
This year's election is the most important election in our lifetime. Fairness, decency, our rights at work and the rights of future generations on all hang in the balance. On Saturday, Labor released its full IR policy, scrapping the Howard Government's IR laws completely and offering fair alternative policy.

Read the policy here and tell us what you think:
There are now vital, key differences between the two major parties on IR policy.

Labor will scrap AWAs. John Howard's laws mean AWAs can be used to undercut pay and conditions.

Labor will put in place protection from unfair dismissal. Under John Howard's laws, anyone can be sacked on the spot if their workplace has fewer than 100 employees or they are sacked for "operational reasons".

Labor will make sure workers can bargain collectively if the majority in a workplace want to, whereas the Government's IR laws mean employers do not have to bargain collectively and can offer workers AWAs any time.

Labor will enshrine in law workers' ability to choose to be supported by a union, compared with John Howard's laws where unions and individuals face massive fines for speaking up for workers.

Labor will put in place a safety net for workers made up to ten minimum conditions and a strong system of awards, compared with John Howard's five minimum conditions.
The policy also outlines some new proposals, like providing new rights for working parents and families to assist them to balance their work and caring responsibilities. For the first time all parents of preschool children will have the right to request more flexible working hours.
Nearly 10,000 Rights at Work supporters took the time to write to Kevin Rudd and the Labor team asking for them to give us an alternative IR policy we can fight for.

We at the ACTU think this policy, although not 100 percent perfect, puts in place all the architecture necessary to enshrine the fundamental Australian value of a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.

As a Rights at Work supporter, you will play a vital role over the coming months. Your friends, family and co-workers will turn to you with their questions and concerns about workplace policy and the major parties' stance.

We have the policy itself, Julia Gillard's speech and a factsheet available for you on our website. What do you think?

Read the policy here and give us your feedback:

Many thanks,
Greg Combet, Sharan Burrow,
and the Rights at Work campaign team