More savage attacks on left in Indonesia

Katarina Pujiastuti, international spokesperson of the Indonesian left party, PAPERNAS, has forwarded the following account of an attack by Islamists, this time also involving military personel.

There is currently a systematic campaign of intimidation against PAPERNAS by the islamists, seeking to stop the left party registering in time to participate in the next presidential election.

The last few days have also seen Islamists attack pro-democracy demonstrators and socialists in Pakistan, with deaths reported now at over 41.

"Around 50 members of Islam Defender Forum (FPI) arbitrarily burst into a house that is located in Jalan Walet 1, Tangerang-Banten, and a place where the conference of Banten Branch of The National Liberation Party of Unity (PAPERNAS) was taken place.

"On Monday morning, 13 May 2007, about 25 members of PAPERNAS Banten branch gathered in Lukman Hakim’s house to elect regional leadership. At 11.45 five intelligence visited the house and tell us to end the meeting due to possible attack from FPI. Police also took Lukman and Vivi to police resort.

"Knowing that the three pick-up car and the motorcycle convoying to the location, the conference was forced to be removed to other location. While some of the members guarded the houses. On their way to location they scream “end the communist”, “The communist are hiding in this village”

"Village-head tried to held-back FPI, but failed. In the house they met two of PAPERNAS members as well as Lukman’s wife and her 2 year-old daughter. They asked “where is everyone else? “

"Then they repressively entered the house and took picture of every corner of the house. When went out they talked and yield to the neighborhood who gathered surround the houses “must end communism”, “do not let them hide among us”

"It is clearly that there is coordination between the State-apparatus and the group. Firstly they have known earlier that there would be a possible attack from FPI but did not take any action to arrest them. State rather to protect the repressive group than to uphold the democracy. There is no single police appear in the location during FPI visit means police deliberately abandon the rights of citizen to have justice and protection.

"After returning from police resort, Lukman assembled the village-head and the neighborhood to inform what is really happening. There is no any objection on Papernas program and activity after hearing the overall explanation. Some of theme even said they clearly opposed such a repressive action, and ready to blocked them from doing repressive action.

"Military members were caught for attacking PAPERNAS office

"It is around 22pm Eko, Taufik, Iksan and Wira were in the National Liberation Party of Unity (PAPERNAS) office in Palu, Central Sulawesi. Suddenly a man called to Wira mobile phone ask to met in Campus. As he refused to mention his name, Wira refused to come. The man then said that he will come to the office.

"At 12.20 am two motorcycle parked right in front at the office. In ten minutes there are 5 other motorcycle. Few minutes later, more motorcycle gathered surround the office. Most of the man are well-built , short hair and wore boots. The neighboorhood even asked ” Will it be any catched, sir?” They did not replied and went direclty to the backside of PAPERNAS office office.

"Three people who were sitting in the motorcycle waved their hand to Papernas members who were sitting at terrace, and called ” hey, you come here”. Confused who was exactly to be called, Iksan replied, ” we better to talk here”

"Then they approached to PAPERNAS office. Seeing that three people approached eko went inside to get another chair and wira made a call. All of sudden they hit and kicked Iksan who stand allone in the terrace. Ikhsan run outside the office. But he met more people who swiftly swarm over him.

"Suddenly another man come from the right and back side of the office and swarmover wira and Eko. They took Ikhsan to STQ jalan Malabar. Because of this incident , Wira, Eko and Iksan are seriously injured and hospitalized. Police came to the location afterward and catched an attacker by tracing the mobile phone numbers. Pratu Makmur, a military members from Yonif 711 Rakastama unit is caught for involving in the attack."