My interface

Well I think I've just crested a rejig wave of experimenting with web and pc this and thats. Now maybe I can get my life back. So here's an update (assuming you are one iota interested!)
  • I moved over to Ubuntu and negotiated a very sharp learning curve. Now I have Ubuntu Edgy on one pc here and on the other Ubuntu Feisty engineered through Wubi. This second pc is dual boot -- Unbuntu and Windows XP.
  • Instead of trying to chase all the many widgets on offer from UbuntuStudio, I reneged on my commitment, decided the platform was too much of what I didn't need and decided to satisfy my audio editing needs with the latest (and still in beta) version of Audacity.A very big imporvement on earlier models.
  • Saving my bacon through all this tooing and froing was the ever reliable Firefox add on, Foxmarks,(to share book marks across computers) and the always updating Goggle Reader.
  • I had a lot of podcatcher issues but am now satiated by all that's on offer from the Ubuntu serviced player, Amarok(more on that at a later time).
  • My Firefox dependency has been enriched by some must-have add ons. Beside Foxmarks, I make very good use of :All-in One Sidebar, Download Statusbar, Fasterfox. Firefox Search Sidebar, Hash Coloured Tabs, Scribe Fire, Session Manager, Smart Bookmarks Bar, Tab Mix Plus....and my latest "theme' preference is the very active Nautipolis.
So there. Thats' my interface. You can go now.