New left blogging project pending --perhaps?

My activities here tended to be warped by my own eccentric interests. I'm a bit of a diarist so I jump about a bit from topic to topic. I've long stepped from under the burden of pretending to be significantly opinionated. I'm just opinionated.But there nonetheless is a big gap on the left in this country in the form of an absence of dialogue.

Instead of chit chat and engagement we get flaming.

Can you have a discussion on the far left at all? Is it possible in this country? I have cause to wonder, given my experience with left groupuscules in the Socialist Alliance

So I'm thinking that since there is very few left blogs on offer in cyberspace domiciled in Terra Australia that maybe there is some potential to foster a group blogging project to occupy the niche.

The example of my comrades in the Socialist Unity Network springs to mind as an exercise that seems to work very well indeed.

Since, as is my want, I approach a project from the outside in, I've been fiddling with this potential blog's template and design -- tweaking it to best effect while pondering the core question of what to call it.

The closest in similar vein project that does exist is Leftwrites.But Leftwrites, much as it works so very well, doesn't talk about the topics I think warrant the scrutiny. So I'm not so much talking about the left but a section of it that is willing to engage in some core 'where-to-now?" questions.

This function is today primarily served by the Green Left Weekly discussion list Thats' where I ague and such; that's where I get into disputes. --where i hang out. Here, on this blog, I indulge myself.

Now, I could turn this blog into a up market lefty platform but I'm not willing to pay the price and trade in my personal awareness indulgences. So I gotta get this other blog together and recruit some contributors of such note and focus that it will become a forum worthy of much traffic.

Experience suggests that blogs fostered by individuals and invested with the determination promised by a sort of 'creativity', work much better than formalised group exercises allied to some ongoing enterprise such as a political party. I guess it comes down to how much editorialising people will embrace without also being offered the patented twist only individual opinions can supply. Many may share the opinions of a Tariq Ali or a Noam Chomsky, but you need the individual label of a writer or speaker to package them.

So I gotta get a name.... And I get to be the mother of this invention.