Rudd shitcans Mighell

If you thought there was any space left in the trade union movement/ALP axis allowing you to criticise the ALP this year, think again: From the 7.30 Report
KERRY O'BRIEN: Dean Mighell is a trade union official who calls a spade a spade. You've just seen what he had to say at the Labor conference in Michael Brissenden's story. There's no doubt what he's expecting from a Labor Government. The power to coerce his word coerce employers into agreements restoring lots of conditions, quote, "That's going to be fun," he said. And that was in the context of pattern bargaining. He expects a return to pattern bargaining. Do you endorse pattern bargaining, where whole industries are brought into line with an enterprise agreement model that's been imposed, coerced whatever word you want to use - negotiated, with a single company?

KEVIN RUDD: That's not the approach that we support at all. When it comes to Dean Mighell, for example, and his comments, I found those - which I just saw for the first time reported on your program tonight - completely unacceptable. I'm not going to have trade union officials, quote, regarding it as "fun" running around the place intimidating employers. Dean Mighell is right out there as far as I'm concerned. And while I'm on your program, his comments the other day attacking the Prime Minister, using filthy language, were in my view unacceptable and not reflective of the sentiment of the Australian labour movement. That sort of approach is outdated, wrong and belongs to a different century.