Saturday night...ooooeeee!

Domestic habits are such that I can spend my Saturday night cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Done it a few times before: I'm a commie caterer. This time around I'm catering for a river cruise upon the waterway which passes by the local CBD.

Two decks. One up - one down. Maybe 75 or whatever people (I never know for sure). No cooking facilities. No kitchen (ie: no "galley"). And I have to get the business sorted so that once cast off we can get to them belly matters.

It's a hard ask -- enough to make a chef throw a tantrum.

So here's how you do it.

You take upon the functional limitations as a rule. You think mezze, tapas and the like; and you build from there. So this time aboard we go to Latin America and do a core thing with the salsa options. Plenty of those: tomato, bean, avocado, melon...just so long as you go easy on the chili and herb it up.
While honest to god Latinoes will be aboard it doesn't follow that all the taste buds will be able to handle a naked JalapeƱo ..

Then you add cold chicken wings, done to a treat, and the ever useful, Turkish meatballs. Then you hope that there's enough food for all(and maybe no salmonella snuck into the mix.[I'm joking!]).

Then you wing it.The main problem with menu design is pretension. It's a real handicap. You can have an exotic hook as a way to entice the patrons, but don't get carried away because you don't own a restaurant level kitchen nor enough ovens to feed a lunch hour rush.Ovens are real practical issues. There's only so much hot space available.

So know your limitations.

Especially if you are eating off shore.