Scootering for zero carbon emissions

If you have ben visiting here for some time -- like years -- you'll know that my one transport vehicle is a kick scooter/ push scooter -- or as I prefer to call it, dogscooter.

And just to remind you, this is what i am referring to:

But after a bout of rough times physically, I am now back in the saddle. (And mine does have a saddle).

Tonight as I was pondering the question of transport in our carbon challenged biosphere I came upon so many references to electric cars within the confines of a search under "zero emissions" that i thought it all rather obscene, as though how a motor car goes is the beginning and end of the matter.

If you listened to the last LeftCast podcast you'll be offered a quick lesson in the imperatives for zero emissions. Since I don't drive and rely on public transport or shank's pony to get around, my dogscooter is an extension of that mobility or lack of it, especially within the confines of my fibromyalgic condition.

But since I was so involved on my research parameter, I found these videos of people (humans) dogscootering with dogs. My late Scratch would scoot but my present pooch, Milly(a wee Jack Russell cross), will not ,so to up the dogpower I'd have to sign on with another canine. But the dogs love it and these vids give you a feel for the thrill involved.

Of course if you ain't got dogpower, you make to make do with alternating tootsies. My scooter is a fusion of a canibalised BMZ bike. Click on the photoes for a larger view. the design is available on the web and the bike can be built by anyone with welding skills. Unfortunately made up models are expensive imports here in Australia.

If you want to go big time with the pushing and kicking you go for the kick bike. Thats' the more ergonomic and faster scooter featured in the second video-- the one with the small back wheel. Unfortunately these are longer than my own version and while they also cost the dollars, they aren't so useful in inner urban transit and for portage on public transport because of their length..

But for touring, I'd love to be strong enough one day to see how far I could go on one of them.One guy kick scootered himself acoss the USA east to west or reverse that.