Tonga:resisting Australia and New Zealand

Following the pro-democracy riots in Tonga in 2006, troops from New Zealand and Australia were sent to quell the rebellion and restore Monarchical order. This documentary was filmed in the week after the troops arrived detailing the riots, the pro-democracy movement, the abuse of people by Tongan forces and the operations of the New Zealand and Australian army. The movie stands very much at odds with the mainstream media account of the events. Source: The Unity Blog

Date: 27 April 2007
Auckland 6am: Tonga's Number One political troublemaker is heading to the Kingdom in a bid to bring an end to the state of emergency laws that have been in place since the November Riots.

Ailani Taione is the arch enemy of the state but says he wants to help locals free themselves from the autocratic rule of military and Government.

Taione headed a Government blacklist that was leaked to media and locals after the riots.

The Aucklander was behind a series of demonstrations at the King's Epsom Residence last year and on one occassion ran his burning car through the gates of Atalaga.

Taione told Pacific Radio News this morning that he's heading to Tonga the first week of May, regardless of what welcome he gets from authorities. (listen)

Taione says he'll be working with the pro-democracy movement and that he'll be taking with him a petition to try and overturn the Government's state of emergency laws. (listen)