Venezuela inspires big time

I guess you can't get too much of Venezuela and the news is always interesting and so very often inspiring. Here's a few comments from a participant in the MayDay (trade union) brigade to Venezuela from Australia .

Last year I was producing a weekly podcast on Venezuela and I guess you get a feel after a time for the unsolicited enthusiasm the revolutionary process there is fostering among those who take the Caracas tour. But in this case, Gaetano's boundless enthusiasm is infections, ain't it?

I have an interview in the works which I did with Derek Wall -- the chief male spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales and he too is a Venezuela enthusiast and very proud he is that his party is affiliated to the Venezuela solidarity movement in the UK. Read his view here of the process there -- Green Venezuela.

I understand from my collaborator, Warwick Fry, that where my audio sometimes got a bit of radio play, the word on the streets of Nimbin(in northern New South Wales) for types such as these (& me too!)is "Chavez kissers".

I can live with that.

But since we are talking about getting excited about social change happening big time and in our time -- heres' an audio recorded on the day Chavez won the presidential election last year.

Jim McIlroy is doing the commentary.

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A combination Venezuelan and LatinAmerican podcast will be relaunched soon to gather more stuff just like this-- yes! let's say it loudly! -- inspiring report.