Webology on offer

I'm sure -- in fact I know -- that there are a few people who think I'm nuts.My penchant for passionate enthusiasm seems not enough to over ride their desultory and dismissive tendencies when I promulgate on matter of the Web 2.0 interface.

It reminds me of that adage was taught in my brief military career: "If it moves , salute it. If it stands still, paint it."

My contemprary adaptation is to the effect that if it moves, blog about it!

I guess my milieu should be within the IT communities -- educational tech usage advocates -- in the nation's TAFE colleges. These bods are into exploiting the educational potential of webology aggressively.

Here's an excellent example of how these people go about business: Parra Co-ordinators Conference Spot . I've tried to do something of the same here. So the idea of facilitating knowledge isn't a fly by night one off. -- as much as I sometimes feel that it is. I may be a none geek type with shallow tech skills, but I know a good thing when I see it.

And inasmuch as I have a mission I'm committed big time to facilating web skills within my proprietary section of the far far left...