What we're drinking: tea sangria

I have blogged before about what I call, a sangria -- made from red wine and tea*. Well a few tipples later I can report some variation and introduce to you the white version.

This is a straight change: White Tea Sangria
Mix together:
  • ONE PART cold tea (green tea or the standard version --depending on your preference).
  • ONE PART apple juice
  • TWO PARTS cheap white wine (preferably dry).

Serve over ice.

*Green Tea Sangria: I worked up this concoction after reviewing green tea and sangria literature. Mix together in a large jug one part green tea (it's OK to brew this up with hot water first), one part orange juice and two parts cheap red wine, such as Lambrusco. If you are using tea bags you can leave them in the jug with the other ingredients. Drink straightaway or refrigerate. Serve over ice.See other recipes here.
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