Who be? You be? Wubi to you too!

When I downloaded Wubi to my desktop and started installing I was A-mazed what happened thereafter. I thought I'd have to intervene at some stage and do a lot of manual configuration. But Wubi unpacked, got down to work investigating my Windows XP then in sync with the web installed itself while downloading the latest Ubuntu release -- Feisty Fawn.

It may still be in beta but I have a Ubuntu desktop with anything I'd like to add available to me in the great way Ubuntu offers all these aps. And as I wrote before, I can access the Windoes files the one click way from within Ubuntu/Wubi.

This has to be the best way to proceed in a Linux direction --as you hang onto your XP or Win 98, etc in basic mode while taking full advantage of all the applications that Ubuntu offers you for free. Anytime you get stuck with a Windoes only issue, then boot to Windows and work with it. Then go back to where it really is happening -- on Ubuntu.

I've still to check out how the Wubi fix relates to my USB stick and Mp3 players and so far my network only registers the XP files when I come a looking via another computer. So not everything may be the s me as a full Linux coup d'etat.

But that may be a configuration issue. Nonetheless, this is packaged as a Windows component so I guess Wubiu cannot afford to be too greedy otherwise it would be biting the system hand that feeds.

You will find the Wubi help forum among all the community forums on Ubuntu.

Anyone interested in my Ubuntu journey should check out the Label below -- and en route take a detour via UbuntuStudio. Even I, despite my easy passion, have to start somewhere.