Work Choices Lite at home with Kevin Rudd and his wifely millionaire

A COMPANY owned by Kevin Rudd's wife put workers on individual contracts that stripped them of key award conditions.

A common law contract, obtained by the Herald Sun, removed penalty rates, overtime and allowances for an extra 45c an hour.

The deal offered a $30,000 annual salary, or $576.93 a week....

Her firm Ingeus is a global player in the employment and recruitment sector and last year achieved revenues exceeding $170 million....

The Opposition Leader said in a recent speech that a Labor government would "restore the rights of working families to have proper access to penalty rates, overtime and shift allowances".,,,

The June 2006 contract noted that workers were covered by the Community Employment, Training and Support Services Award.

But the Herald Sun has received legal advice that, if the contract were followed to the letter, the deal would be worse than the award and most likely fail the old no-disadvantage test that Labor wants to restore.

"We very much doubt that the small increase in salary under the contract would have been enough to offset the loss of other entitlements under the award, notably penalty rates," the Herald Sun's advice says.

Under the deal, an employee "may be required to work reasonable additional hours for which no extra payments will be made".

If a worker on the contract did just 1.5 hours of unpaid overtime a week, they would be $5.29 worse off each week than under the award.

A worker would also have no claim for redundancy pay if the company found them a comparable job.

The contract states: "Your salary includes an above award component to compensate for all allowances, penalty rates and any and all hours worked, including reasonable additional hours, as required."

The contract is not an Australian Workplace Agreement, and under the law, should not undercut the award.