10,000 steps : Walking a million paces at a time...

OK here at la maison de Ratbag we're on a health kick. As well as the boxing(see below) we've been focusing on our walkies! I've always been a walkies! type of person and have always been dependent on dogs to remind me that every day I need to go out the door with them for a perambulation. But there are walkies; and there are walkies!

I go with my trekking poles (as I have so often noted in this blog) and its left/right, left/right around the manor with podcasts to my ear from my mp3 player.

If I am prone to anything spiritual, this is it.

If I have dependencies it is for trekking poles and mp3 players..and podcasts... and for dogs too. Little ones anyway.

My monthly graph on 10,000 steps

But if you want to work it up in way of cardiovascular & pulmonary activity, it's easy to fall into an easy ramble.

Enter the pedometer. Keeping these little buggers attached to your person is a challenge in itself, especially if you want to log all the steps you do in one day from rising to re-tiring. It's worth the inconvenience. I keep mine on a separate belt (kangaroo skin got for $1 from the Op shop). So my walkies! and my other activities of daily living are digitally clocked.

And pedometers are cheap now. You can even pick up free ones attached to packets of breakfast cereal.My local library loans them out the same way they do with books.

If you really want to embrace this stepping out lark then you could do no better than to sign up with the 10,00 steps program. It's all about motivation, motivation, motivation.

Sites like this -- so interactive and considerate --really indicate the awesome power of the web to facilitate the offline world. It's fun. It's a stern master. It keeps you interested.

So I'm on my way to the Million Milestones challenge -- that's 1,000,000 steps -- and my log tells me, as of tonight, I have a mere 878,536 steps to go to clock up my first million.

I may never be a millionaire with the folding stuff, but you can't say I ain't got ambition when I intend to reach my first million on my own because no one else can do it for me.

Tell James Packer that next time you see him.