LeftClick is taken up

Today LeftClick,our new blogging project, was taken up by Google for the first time as a web address in its own right. So if you key in a search for "LeftClick", along with adds for the home theatre experience and "Soluções Internet e Informática - Braga - Portugal" you'll be able to snaffle leftclick(blog). So the first hurdle to claiming our snippet of cyberspace is accomplished.

[And all my frenetic posting has born fruit! I am not normally such a bullshitter. It's also why I have been tardy in posting to this blog.]

The next challenge is to move from fifth place in the search page rankings to first. Of course if you search "left click" you'll be lost in a heap of how-to web sites which talk about mouse usage.So folks,when you are talking up the blog in everyday discourse, remember to point out that it's LefClick not "left click". Just say,"It's easy to find.Just Google 'leftclick'.One word/two syllables: leftclick."
HE SAYS: Oh, I was reading on LeftClick the other day.
SHE SAYS: LeftClick?
HE SAYS: Yes LeftClick (one word, two syllables)-- that ever so lefty blog that I read...
SHE SAYS: Ohh...
HE SAYS: Yes. It's all rather good chit chat, you know -tres rad-i-cal, if you get my meaning. Real bolshy stuff.
SHE SAYS: I didn't know you were into that sort of thing?
HE SAYS: I have my moments...And it's so darn easy to find. Just Google it.
In other news to note LeftClick is as we speak being fitted out with a new banner heading. This is drawing graphical and creative inspiration from among the northern rivers of New South Wales.