A message from Gary McLennan

Gary McLennan , a political activist, Marxist and academic and his colleague John Hookham have been suspended from the Queensland University of Technology for 6 months after a ruling against them by the university's academic board. The issue in play are explored in this LeftClick post and this article in Green Left Weekly
Dear friends

Normally I would not anyone to do this but we are in a desperate position. If you could please go to the website below and make a supporting comment it would be a great help. The university is watching the media with great care and today is the first time we broke through to the local mainstream press. We desperately need to be seen to have
public support. The Vice Chancellor Peter Coaldrake has directly entered the fray and he is in direct conflict with the disability activist KevinCocks. He is a great man and has given all he has to fight for the rights of the disabled.

I cannot express fully my disgust at how the university is prepared to trample over the disability community in its determination to get rid of John Hookham and me because we opposed its commercial project Laughing
at the Disabled.

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best regards

Gary McLennan