Radical Community Radio in Soweto

Pambazuka News

Molefi Ndlovu from the Center for Civil Society in Durban, South Africa speaks to Sokari Ekine from Pambazuka News about the radical community radio project RASA FM in Soweto. The radio station ran without a license in Soweto for six months in 2005 and was hugely popular with the local community. RASA became a victim of its own success when the power of its appeal proved too big a threat to the corporate media and it was shut down. In this podcast organiser Molefi tells RASA's amazing story and explores the nature of community media and what is possible with the medium. See Rasa Radio discussion at UKZN for more information. Music in this podcast is brought to you by Busi Ncube from Zimbabwe, kindly provided by Thulani Promotions ( http://www.thulani.net ).