Venezuela media crisis

Audio:Stuart Munckton, Latin American specialist with Green Left Weekly speaks with Warwick Fry of community radio 2NimFM about the latest attempts to destabilise the elected Venezuelan government. On

May 27, the 20-year concession to broadcast over the state-owned Channel 2 airwave, which had been granted to multi-millionaire Marcel Granier’s RCTV, expired. The Chavez government made the decision, in accordance with laws established by a pre-Chavez government, not to renew RCTV’s concession, but instead to use the channel to establish a new public TV station, Venezuelan Social Television (TVes). Opposition forces organised protest demonstrations which were widely reported throughout the western media. No mention was made of the pro-Chavez demonstrations which brought out nearly ten times more people, applauding the government action.

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Stuart comments:MP3 of the interview I did yesterday with Warwick Fry from Nimbin Radio on the RCTV case and media in Venezuela. Warwick commented that a lot of peopel he had spoken to were confused by the SBS coverage of th issue, which is not at all surprising, but I think there is a real angle with the community media in Venezuela, and the promotion of independent media producers, which he pushed in the interview.