Win a trip to Caracas!

Win a trip to Venezuela! …and support the Venezuelan revolutionTickets are now available in the AVSN guessing competition to win a funded place (including international airfares, value $3500) on the November-December 2007 or the May 2008 brigade to Venezuela.

Second prize: A copy of Venezuela – Ahora es de todos (It now belongs to everyone) – a beautiful, 45-page, hardcover book of 120 colour photographs from the Bolivarian revolution taken by Roberto Jorquera (value $100).

Third prize: A 12-month subscription to Green Left Weekly – Australia’s best source of weekly information and analysis about the Venezuelan revolution.

The guessing competition is AVSN’s major fundraiser for 2007 – every ticket you buy or sell to friends will make an valuable contribution to strengthening solidarity in Australia with the Venezuelan people and their revolution.

Tickets: $10 each

Draw: October 14, 2007
The AVSN brigades to Venezuela are a unique opportunity to see first-hand the unfolding revolution in Venezuela. The guessing competition winner will be able to meet with a wide range of community organizations involved in transforming Venezuelan society, visit occupied factories and educational institutions, see “popular power” at work in the communal councils and people’s banks, and speak to government and grassroots organisations about the radical changes being implemented by the Venezuelan people. The itinerary will include time in the capital, Caracas, as well as regional Venezuela.
To buy or order any number of tickets, contact your local AVSN committee, or email, or write to AVSN, PO Box 5421CC, Melbourne 3001.