Bikes I have known

Since I'm considering my two wheeler options I thought I'd review my history on two wheels:
  • 1960s: I wanted a bike and my parents wouldn't let me have one. so I retrieved my father's old bike from the shed -- a bicycle he's ridden during the 1940s --and proceeded to renovate it. I stripped it down . Replaced all worn out parts. Re-galvanize(or is it chromed) the handlebars and cog. Got it painted a professional and dashing black with filigree...and thought it was so darn good. Back then we could only dream of gears -- derailleurs. I had that bike until 1968 when I gave it away to a youth at a children's' institution.
  • 1970: I wanted an easy to use bike to get to and from the city. I purchased a moulton (example pictured). Great little bike but not as ergonomic as its inventor-- Alex Moulton --promised. Stupidly I sold it. Today classic Raleigh models like mine are worth a fortune.
  • Late 1970s: I wanted a transport/commute vehicle and I got myself a Repco bike. Disk brakes/drop handlebars. This was serious biking. I rode it to and from work. Decked it out with panniers and planned(but didn't) to ride it on a tour through the Victorian North East.I used to ride from Melbourne down to the Mornington Peninsula. In 1981 I fell off it and cracked my wrist. When I moved interstate in 1982 I sold it.
  • 1985:Living in Sydney I bought a bike from a dedicated bike shop in Marrickville. When I moved to Brisbane -- later that year -- I trained the bicycle up via Murwillumbah but when my illness set in big time (the same year --1985)that was it. I had enough problems walking.
  • Into this century: Both of my kids had bikes which they hardly rode. So I adopted my daughters 'girl' bike for my occasional activities as a puppeteer and workshop facilitator. I appreciated the bike because it didn't have a cross bar I had to mount over. Mounting was hard because of my physical stiffness. My neighbor built me a bike trolley(picture to come) and with that I toured local schools giving mask making, theatre and puppetry workshops. On occasion I'd take the bike and its cart shopping.
  • 2002 -- Ill health kicks in big time: Due to worsening ill health I had to give up the biking and the community arts stuff so I experimented with the new scooter craze and brought myself a Razor -- the scooters with the tiny wheels so I could get around without much effort. My daughter borrowed it and then left it in a public park from whence it was stolen. The wheels were too small to be safe. Don't ever buy wheels less than a 8 inches(20 cm) diameter if you want to leave the parking lot!
  • 2005: After due consideration and reviewing my options I asked my neighbour to build me a dogscooter. I got the designs for it -- a cut down BMX bike -- from a local husky team club. I did dogscoot with it -- as one of my terriers loved to run that way. But he has died. Since I've been working on the physical rehab stuff I'm keen to move up to a vehicle that is more challenging and offers longer distances --such as a kickbike.
  • 2007:.............